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Working Budget Discussion Item 1/9/24 Council Meeting

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Quote from on February 23, 2024, 1:40 pm

As someone who was involved in the community Fourth of July celebration for 15 years at the Amarillo Globe-News, I might be able to provide some insight and answer questions if that would be of value.

I'd want to limit the city investment as much as possible because there will be a significant investment thorough police, parks and rec and other labor costs the city will absorb on this. But I'm sure community businesses would be willing to support this financially as they have in the past.

Also, who will be "in charge" of the event?  It's important to determine who the chief is, because there can only be one person in charge.

If I can help answer any other questions or provide guidance, please let me know.


Good morning, Councilmember Simpson,

I am going to have Jordan reach out to coordinate a meeting with the lead staff involved.  Michael Kashuba and the Parks staff are taking the lead on organizing the event in coordination with Outdoor Amarillo.  It would be great to hear your insights from past experience with 4th of July celebrations.


Andrew Freeman Deputy City Manager
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