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Firm selection for city manager search

Council member Don Tipps and I today about the interviews and I wanted to share some of our thoughts to begin the conversation.

First, any of the three could do a good search for us. They all bring strengths to the table.

And while we liked all three, SGR and Baker Tilly rose to the top.

Because of the importance of this search, we feel we need a company with more of a track record than Clear Career Professionals.

SGR has worked with Amarillo for quite some time and clearly knows the community. SGR was involved in searches that placed Terry Childers as interim city manager. SGR didn't present a background report on Childers until four months after he was hired (story link below). At the time, it caused Council Member Brian Eades some concern about SGR. Childers had some issues during his tenure and ultimately resigned. Here are links to stories with more detail:

SGR also was involved in the search that resulted in Jared Miller's appointment.

Might this be a good time for a new direction and go with Baker Tilly?

Thank you Les for your input.