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Animal population issues

Mayor and fellow council members:

As I mentioned at our Tuesday Jan. 23 meeting, the animal population issue is challenging communities across the country.

Amarillo numbers continue to rise.

Amarillo animal intake in 2023 was 8,908 dogs and cats, up from 7,437 in 2022 for an increase of nearly 20 percent. 

The number of field calls rose 7.6 percent from 19,883 calls in 2022 to 21,404 in 2023.

Citations were up 66.8 percent from 452 to 754. And animal cruelty cases were up 85 percent from 21 cases in 2022 to 39 cases in 2023.

Here are some articles that might give you some more background on this issue and what other communities are facing:


Here are articles highlighting what some communities are doing to solve the problem. I’m not endorsing any of these at this point, just sharing the information:


I don’t mean to overwhelm you with information! I’ll add one link to a report about the City of Austin’s audit of their animal shelter, which paused intakes in June 2023:


Thank you Las for the information.

Thank you Les. Great information.