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What do y’all think about a resolution supporting our Governor on his border policy?

Morning Gentlemen


I believe a resolution that reflects our total support of Governor Abbott’s actions , because of this breach of the Constitution by the Biden Admininstration, to be very appropriate.  If we can get one other councilman to agree then I would like to instruct legal to draft this resolution this week.  I feel it is important that we do all we can to stand up, speak out, and support our fellow Texas leaders.  

I am in complete agreement with a resolution supporting Governor Abbott's decision to protect our border.  This is the right thing for our Texas citizens.  

Sounds good. 

Real good.  I will be in meetings with staff today and we can get started on a resolution draft.  Please respond with any verbage, wording, statements that you would like to contribute.  Otherwise y’all can comment after draft is posted to message board.


Thank you

Mayor & City Council,

Please find attached draft resolution on this topic prepared by Legal.  Please let me know if you have any feedback.  We will plan to have this on the February 13th meeting for consideration.

Thank you,
Andrew Freeman

Uploaded files:
Andrew Freeman Deputy City Manager

Thank you Andrew.

I like it. 


This resolution recognizes what the state and governor have been working tirelessly at; which is to try and secure a border that has been intentionally left wide open by our own federal government.  This resolution does not mention that this is the result of  the Biden administration and their deriliction of duty to secure the borders and protect their own citizens.  I would like to see this statement along with the fact that this is a direct breach of the compact and the agreement that the State of Texas relies upon with the federal government.  

The resolution looks great; but, I agree with Mayor.  A statement needs to be included addressing the reason for the action being taken. The blatant dereliction of duty of the Biden administration. 

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