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AISD Discussion follow-up

Good morning, Mayor & City Council,

I have followed up with AISD Superintendent Doug Loomis about the idea of them giving an update at an upcoming City Council meeting.  In our discussions, we had another idea we wanted to run by you all.  We thought it would be beneficial to have a joint board meeting of City, Potter County, and AISD to discuss the topic and allow for a longer Q&A session with their staff and AISD Board of Trustees.  I think we would see similar benefits to the joint work session held with the AEDC Board by you all being able to come together for a meeting to discuss the following topics:  aging populations, declining birth rates, enrollment drops, and the ongoing development and employment efforts in Potter County.  

If there is enough interest, we will work on coordinating dates/times for this meeting with all parties involved.

Thank you,
Andrew Freeman
Interim City Manager

Andrew Freeman Deputy City Manager

I believe this would be beneficial. It also allows us to meet with other organizations, just like we have with AEDC. I see only upside with this. Thanks!


That works. Great idea Les.

I think it is a great idea!  I think these open lines of communication help build relationship with our community partners. 

I like it