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Do y’all think there might be anything we can do to help our neighbors in the area who have experienced fire damage?

Yes sir.  I apologize I did not get a response out yesterday.  I had an opportunity to get up in the air and survey the damage from this side of Fritch to Borger.  Some of the fires were still burning but were being blown north back on top of themselves and the prevailing south winds were a blessing yesterday.  I am thankful for this moisture and the snow today.  I believe we have avoided a potential crisis if we had been hit with high winds again.  It looks like the fire was a moving fast enough not to damage most of the poles and Xcel was already replacing those needed on the north side of Fritch and elsewhere.  At this point I think the best thing we can do is to try and direct our community to work through OEM, Redcross, TDEM, etc to get resources into the hardest hit communities, like water, food, blankets, etc.  I’m sure yall have the contact info for these entities and the local reps but if not I can share with you or staff can post.  


Thank you

Thank you for the update Mayor.  That is good information.  This is an opportunity for our community to rally around helping our panhandle neighbors. 

Really do appreciate the update.