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Governance And Ends Policies Adopted April 9, 2019

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I look forward to this session and reviewing the charter and policies.

A couple of questions:

  1. Will this meeting be held in chambers and televised and recorded? I believe it would be beneficial for the public to have access to this conversation.
  2. Also, in terms of order, could we start with the Charter review? Since any city policy or ordinance would have to abide by the Charter, would this be a logical starting point?
  3. Why was the new council never briefed on the governance and ends policies? Who is responsible for advising council on these policies?

Here are some items in the charter I would be interested in hearing the definitions the terms that are bold faced and underlined:

Section 21 (b) (The Manager shall) Appoint all appointive officers or employees of the City with the advice and consent of the Council (such appointments to be made upon merit and fitness alone), and remove all officers and employees appointed by the Manager.

Section 21 (e) (The Manager shall) Recommend, in writing, to the Council such measures as the Manager may deem necessary or expedient.

Section 21 (f) (The Manager shall) Keep the Council fully advised as to the financial condition and needs of the city

Section 25: The Council shall fix and determine the salaries and wages of all appointive officers and employees of the City, and provide for the payment thereof.

Thanks and I look forward to learning more!

Good morning, Councilmember Simpson,

Below are answers to the three questions you asked:

  1. Yes, the meeting will be held in Council Chambers and will be streamed online via the City’s website and YouTube channel.
  2. Staff will defer to Mayor who is responsible for setting the agenda and he can take this into consideration when ordering the items for discussion.
  3. City Council was briefed on the policies.  Per the Governance and Ends policies, the Mayor along with the City Manager, has the responsibility to train and orient all new Council members after an election.  The new Council was briefed on the Governance and Ends policies during the May 23rd City Council Orientation.  As you will recall Mayor Stanley was intentional about inviting all newly elected councilmembers and those that were still involved in a run-off, in order to make sure everyone was up to speed and to not have to repeat the orientation after the run-off election.  Prior to the Council receiving an emailed copy of the policies on February 19, 2024, every current councilmember was also given hard copies of this document on multiple occasions, both before and after being elected:
    1. Before being elected, each candidate was provided this document at the candidate orientation drawing for place on the ballot held on February 22, 2023. At this orientation, the Governance and Ends policy was discussed as part of the presentation so candidates could be informed before getting elected. Here is a link to the presentation, which is posted on the city’s website.  The policies were discussed on pages 13-14.
    2. Each elected official was provided a large binder with a copy of the policies at the first elected official orientation held on May 23, 2023, and it was briefly discussed/encouraged to be read.  Run-off candidates were also in attendance for this meeting.  Here is a link to the meeting agenda and I have also attached a copy of the slides.  The policies were discussed on page 8 and pages 10-13.
    3. Each elected official received a copy at the two-day governance and strategic planning workshop facilitated by SGR held on June 28-29, 2023.  Councilmembers Craft and Simpson also received their larger binders of general city information at this time with additional copies of the Governance and Ends policies.  Review and discussion of the policies were planned to be part of the discussion during the workshop, but the time was instead focused on learning governance in general and discussing strategic planning. Here is a link to the meeting agenda:

Andrew Freeman
Deputy City Manager

Uploaded files:
Andrew Freeman Deputy City Manager

As I am going through our policy document. I notice it continues to refer to the BluePrint for Amarillo.

Staff, do we have an updated document reflecting everything from our SGR Workshop that replaces BluePrint for Amarillo? 

Quote from on March 22, 2024, 10:32 am

As I am going through our policy document. I notice it continues to refer to the BluePrint for Amarillo.

Staff, do we have an updated document reflecting everything from our SGR Workshop that replaces BluePrint for Amarillo? 

Yes, sir. It can be found on the Mayor and Council page with the Governance and Ends Policies link. You can find it here:

It is posted right before the Council bios. 



Andrew Freeman Deputy City Manager

Thank you Mr. Freeman.

I have the updated 2018 Blue Print and the previous update done in 2016.  Can we get the original blue print for Amarillo that was written in 2011?  I would like to compare to the current.  I was not able to find the original online.


Thank you 

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