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Working Budget Update/AFD Training Tower request

Good afternoon, Mayor & City Council,

The following is our latest tracking of the working budget requests/approvals for FY 2023/2024 and those still pending:

Approved Budget 4,500,000

Ongoing Funding
APD Axon Software (1,000,000)
The Bridge (to be included in FY24/25 budget)
4th of July event (50,000)
Demolition funding (100,000)
IT Positions for APD (200,000)

One-time Funding
Fire Station #14 (500,000)
AMW Storage (25,000)
AMW 3rd Party Consultant (36,000)
AMW incentives (470,000)
AMW Cameras (30,000)
APD mural (12,000)
Service Center North (200,000)
City Marshall 3 Vehicles (136,643)
Fire Training Tower (185,000)
Transformation Park (800,000)
APD holding cell (TBD)

Total approved from above list: $3,222,643
Total not yet approved from above list: $522,000
Net remaining to allocate if entire list is approved: 755,357

One new item not previously shown is the Fire Training Tower request of $185,000.  In March, the Fire Department received a quote for needed repairs at the facility which includes crumbling areas in the burn area ceilings, sealing concrete floors to prevent water damage, and replacing two interior stairways with rust damage.  The department has identified $200,000 to go toward the $384,352.00 quote received.  We are planning to bring the contract to you for consideration on your April 23rd agenda with the gap in funding ($185,000) being provided by the working budget. 

Please let us know if any of you have concerns with this planned course of action for this Fire Training Tower working budget request of $185,000.

Andrew Freeman
Deputy City Manager  

Andrew Freeman Deputy City Manager

I have no issues with the $185,000 going towards the repair.